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Year 6


We are really looking forward to another great year. Please keep revisiting this page to celebrate the achievements of our Year 6 pupils throughout the year. 

At school, we no longer provide plastic reading book bags. If you would like to purchase a reading book bag (see below) these will be available to buy from school at a cost of £3.50.  

Spring Term 2


During this half term, our class novel will be The London Eye Mystery.  After working through the teaching sequence, the pupils in Year 6 will write their very own adventure stories.  


During Autumn Term 2, we will be continuing our maths learning, through the Maths No Problem scheme.  We will begin by learning all about  measurements before moving on to word problems. 


In geography, we will be studying earthquakes. We will investigate how, why and where earthquakes occur around the Earth. 

We have been using digital mapping to locate some of the most destructive earthquakes through history. We thought about what the map showed us - that the Earth’s earthquakes occur around plate boundaries or fault lines.

Zubaida 6G


During Spring Term 2, we will be learning about electricity and we will carry out an investigation into electric circuits.  

We have been testing conductive and insulating materials. We carried out a fair test and only use one variable (the materials that we tested). We had some surprising results!

Conductive Playdough!

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In history, we are going to be learning about the ancient civilisation now known as ancient Egypt. We will place this period of history within a chronological framework and research and study some of their achievements. We will also learn about Howard Carter's famous discovery of the the tomb of the ancient pharaoh king, Tutankhamun. 



Perspective influenced by the Pyramids of Giza

Ancient Egypt inspired art



In Orienteering, we will follow our Whole School Cross-Curricular Orienteering Scheme of Work. We will demonstrate how to set and orientate a map when moving round courses. We will plan efficient routes and navigate to control markers during scoring events. We will also experience courses using all eight compass points. We will share ideas, encourage others, work in team situations and recognise our successes and ways we can improve.

Navigating using a compass 🧭


Learning outside the Classroom

Throughout this term, we will be using every opportunity to take our learning outside. This might include using our vast outside space around school, or organising trips or visitors to enhance learning across the entire curriculum. 

Hothersall Lodge 2023πŸπŸŒΏπŸ§—β€β™€οΈπŸ›ΆπŸ‚πŸŒ³

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Long Multiplication Treasure Hunt

Our evolutionary trip to Cliffe Castle

Class 6G spent the afternoon taking part in a series of activities to develop their understanding of people who have a visual impairment. Each of the activities provided the children with an insight into challenges that people face on a day to day basis.