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Year 6


We are really looking forward to another great year in Year 6! Please keep revisiting this page to see the fantastic work that the children produce throughout the year. 

At school, we will no longer be providing plastic reading book bags. If you would like to purchase a reading book bag (see below) these will be available to buy from school at a cost of £3.50.  

Summer Term 2


In English, we will begin to read our new class novel, 'The 1000 year old Boy'. We will work through the writing sequence: creating interest; reading response and analysis; gathering content and planning and writing in order to innovate and create our own versions of the story.  


In our maths lessons, we are going to begin thinking about the transition to Year 7 in September. We will look at different aspects of maths from throughout the year and deepen our understanding of different mathematical concepts. 


In Science, we will be investigating our topic of 'Animals Including Humans'. We will study the circulatory system and understand the function of the heart, blood vessels and blood. We will also look at the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle and their impact on the human body.  


In geography, we will use maps, globes and atlases to identify the countries that make up North America. We will examine physical features of different areas of the USA such as mountainous areas, rivers and huge prairies and examine human features such as types of settlement, economic activity and the distribution of natural materials. 


In our RE lessons, we will be learning about the religion of Buddhism. We will continue to learn about 'journeys' through our lessons and analyse the question, 'What do we mean by a good life?'


Striking and Fielding: Cricket

In Cricket, we will demonstrate bowling overarm with accuracy and consistency. We will learn how to strike a Cricket ball using a Cricket bat. We will also be demonstrating how to catch and throw a Cricket ball when fielding. We will aim to use all the skills and tactics demonstrated and apply them into a modified Cricket game.