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Year 6


We are really looking forward to a spectacular year in Year 6. Please keep revisiting this page to see the fantastic work that the children produce throughout the year! 

Autumn Term 2


This term our topic is...

'Discovering Our World'


English - This half term, we will be reading and learning about biographies. We will look at the different features and language features that are used in them and write our own 'scaffolded' biographies about the life of the world famous, Walt Disney! 


Our class novel, which will be the focus of our reading lessons, will be Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. 

Maths - During Autumn 2, we will be continuing our learning in maths by following the Maths-No Problem scheme. We will learning about fractions and decimals before moving on to measures later in the term.  

Science - In our science lessons we will be learning about evolution and inheritance. We will be looking at how the earth and living things have changed over time and examine how fossils can be used to find out about the past. We will link our science with our work in English (Biographies) by learning about the famous British paleontologist, Mary Anning. 

Computing - As usual, we will begin the half term by revisiting the importance of online safety and sharing information online. We will then begin to learn about blogging and carry out internet research on Charles Darwin to showcase in our very own blog!



History - Our history lessons will also link to English this half term (Biographies) and our science learning too (Evolution and Inheritance). We will be learning about the life of Charles Darwin and research his theory of evolution. We will learn about his voyages on the Beagle and find out about the work which he carried out - such as his study of different birds on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.   

Geography - In geography we will be examining time zones around the world by using imaginary lines of latitude and longitude. We will learn about the Greenwich/Prime Meridian and the significance of this in relation to time around the whole world. After this,  we will begin to learn about and understand key aspects of biomes and vegetation belts.



In Gymnastics, we will create partner balances using matched and mirrored shapes. Perform counter and tension balances, creating sequences with our partners and in a group. We will perform sequences and develop them onto apparatus. We will evaluate success of paired and grouped sequences.

Counter Tension and Counter Balance

Partner sequences working in unison.

Still image for this video

In Net and Wall (Badminton), we will demonstrate a forehand and backhand shot with consistency. We will direct a shuttlecock to partners to perform rallies. We will also demonstrate simple tactics and incorporate points in a game situation.

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A quick break and some fun in the snow.

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