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Summer Term 1

Summer Term 1

Detective / Mystery / Crime


In Literacy, we will be reading our class novel for this half term - The London Eye Mystery. Later in the half term, we will be writing out very own crime/detective/mystery stories. When we have completed these, we will celebrate them by sharing on this web page. Please look back later in the half term to celebrate the children's invented stories.  


In Maths, we will begin the half term learning about measures. We will learn about different units of measure for length/distance, volume/capacity, weight/mass and time and use conversions. Later in the half term, we will look at area and perimeter before understanding basic algebra. 


In Science, we will be learning about electricity. We will examine different types of circuits and use electrical equipment to create our own working circuits. We will learn the symbols for different electrical components and use these within circuit diagrams. We will conduct a fair test and control variables in an enquiry.


In PSHCE, we will be studying the rule of law and identify our responsibilities within this. We will look at the reasons for rules and laws and the consequences of not adhering to them and to identify that there are human rights that are there to protect everyone. 


In Well-being, we will be exploring lots of different exercises and activities that will help develop physical and emotional well-being.



P.E - Striking and Fielding (Cricket)

We will demonstrate bowling overarm with accuracy and consistency, and  learn how to strike a Cricket ball using a Cricket bat. We will also be demonstrating how to catch and throw a Cricket ball when fielding. We will aim to use all the skills and tactics demonstrated and apply them into a modified Cricket game.  

Bowling 🏏

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Year 6 will be very busy with their maths, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling learning this term in preparation for their SATs.


In reading, the children will be applying their skills across a wide range of texts to answer a variety of questions linked to the following areas: retrieval, inference, word meaning and summary. 


In GPS, the children will be revising their knowledge of sentence structures including conjunctions, clauses and tenses; when to use different punctuation and spelling rules.


Co-ordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions