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Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1


This term our topic is...

'Mystery and Discovery'


In English, we will be reading our next class novel, The London Eye Mystery. Whilst we are reading the book, we will analyse character and plot and gather ideas for our very own mystery/crime stories. 


Continuing with the Maths No Problem scheme, we will begin this half term working with decimals and measurement before moving on to percentages, ratio and algebra. 


We will be researching and learning about the magnificent Ancient Egyptians. We will begin the half term thinking about where this period of history fits into a chronological framework before learning about one of the most significant discoveries of all time - the tomb of Tutankhamun. 


In geography, we will be learning about earthquakes. We will learn how and why earthquakes occur by studying plate tectonics. We will identify, through using digital mapping, the places on Earth that are susceptible to earthquake activity.


In RE we are going to continue our learning about 'journeys'. Through our study of Islam, we will learn about the pilgrimage of Hajj and why it is important to Muslims. 


In our Art lessons we will be looking at 3D modelling. We will use clay to create our own Ancient Egyptian inspired sculptures. 


In Dance, we will use a stimulus to create gestures, travelling patterns, stillnesses and explore contrasting emotions with different ways to demonstrate. We will learn how to work in unison and use canon effectively to develop techniques to perform with accuracy, control and timing. We will perform in pairs, groups and as a whole class performance.