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Spring Term 2

Spring Term 2



This term, Year 6 will be increasing preparation for the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). The week of testing will begin on Tuesday 9th May.


In addition to this, we will continue to identify opportunities for writing through incidental, short writing tasks. We will use aspects of other curriculum areas to provide prompts and inspiration for our writing.   


In English, we will be working hard to improve our active reading strategies. We will also use the texts we read to form prompts for our incidental writing tasks. 


Continuing with the Maths No Problem scheme, we will begin this half term working with percentages before moving on to algebra, area and perimeter, volume and geometry. 


We have been working together, in pairs, to discuss and complete arithmetic type questions. We were able to learn from and teach each other.


In Science week, we investigated and expanded our knowledge on circuits. We made a ‘Homemade Doorbell’ using a battery, buzzer, wires and a switch to demonstrate our understanding of how a circuit works.

Electrical Conductors and Insulators

In year 6, we carried out an experiment to test different materials. We used a simple circuit including a battery and a buzzer to see if the materials would conduct electricity. We were really surprised when the play dough conducted electricity!


In RE we are going to continue our learning about 'journeys'. Through our study of Christianity, we will learn about the Easter story and think about the question, 'If life is like a journey, where is the destination?'


In our Art lessons, will be concentrating on basic skills using a range of different media. Will will also be creating collages and look to other curriculum areas for our inspiration.  



In Orienteering, we will follow our Whole School Cross-Curricular Orienteering Scheme of Work. We will demonstrate how to set and orientate a map when moving round courses. We will plan efficient routes and navigate to control markers during scoring events. We will also experience courses using all eight compass points. We will share ideas, encourage others, work in team situations and recognise our successes and ways we can improve.