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Curl up with a book.

Supertato Veggies Assemble read by Mrs Hall.

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Supertato to the rescue!
The Evil Pea is on the loose and there's anarchy in the aisles! Can our supermarket superhero divert disaster? Or is he going to need backup?

Gordon's Great Escape read by Mrs Khanam.

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You may think being a balloon is all parties and floating about. But have you ever thought about how dangerous and adventurous a ballon's life can be? Then its high time you met Gordon.

Supertato read by Mrs Cole.

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Meet Supertato!
The supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere! Whenever the chips are down in the vegetable section he's there to save the day.

Five Minutes' Peace read by Mrs Siddiq.

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There's never a dull moment with the Large family - Mrs Large just wants a few moments to herself, but Lester,Laura and the baby have other ideas.

I need a wee! Read by Mrs Khatun.

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A hilarious new story from best selling author, Sue Hendra. Perfect for anyone who's been desperate ....

Keith the cat with the magic hat, read by Mrs Khan.

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Meet Keith.
Keith is a cat with a magic hat - or, at least, thats's what the other cats think. But when Keith's hat falls off one day, it seems that magic is still possible after all!