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Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 2





During this half term, our class novel will be Oliver Twist. Before we begin our class novel, we will be studying biographies and the life of the famous cartoonist, Walt Disney. After completing the learning sequence, the children will write their own biographies about the life of the famous British palaeontologist, Mary Anning.


During Autumn Term 2, we will be continuing our maths learning, through the Maths No Problem scheme.  We will begin by learning all about fractions before moving on to decimals and measure. 


In Science, we will be continuing our topic of 'Evolution'. We will be researching Charles Darwin's famous theory of evolution and begin to understand concepts such as adaptationvariationnatural selection and inheritance. We will be studying fossils and how scientists can use them to find out about the past. Have a look at our learning journey on the Knowledge Organiser below.

Our evolutionary trip to Cliffe Castle!


In history, we are going to be learning about a significant period of British and world history - The Victorians. As part of our studies, we will be finding out about the Industrial Revolution and how the British Empire became a global power. 

Year 6 have been investigating different sources of evidence - both primary and secondary. We looked at different objects and made predictions about what they may have been used for during the period of the Industrial Revolution.


Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser to see what we are doing in our R.E. lessons this half term.

Inter Faith Week 2023


Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser to see what we are doing in our art lessons this half term.

Sketching in the style of LS Lowry


In our PSHE lessons, we will be learning about mental wellbeing and things we can do to promote positive wellbeing. We will also be researching and discussing living healthy lifestyles. 




We will create partner balances using matched and mirrored shapes. Perform counter and tension balances, creating sequences with our partners and in a group. We will perform sequences and develop them onto apparatus. We will evaluate success of paired and grouped sequences.


Learning outside the Classroom

Throughout this term, we will be using every opportunity to take our learning outside. This might include using our vast outside space around school, or organising trips or visitors to enhance learning across the entire curriculum. 

Our evolutionary trip to Cliffe Castle