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Year 6

Engineers of the future

During the autumn term we combined our learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to create poppies. We identified problems, explored and gathered information and created solutions. As part of our learning, we revised our sewing skills including using the running and back stitch to join fabric and create layers. We constantly evaluated our work and redesigned our product, using equipment to measure accurately. At the end of our process, we wrote an overall evaluation stating what worked and what problems we encountered, how we solved them and how we will improve our work in future.


Take a look at the pictures below to see our work.

Poppy Engineering Design and Evaluations


Image result for bridges


During our Engineering Week, children in year 6 were tasked with building a bridge in teams of five. The whole school took part, each year group designing, testing and building their bridges from a range of materials. Children from year 6 made their bridges out of wood.


Take a look at some of the our designs and bridges that we produced.