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Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 1




During this half term, our class novel will be The Nowhere Emporium. Whilst reading and enjoying the story, we will be following the teaching sequence to enhance our reading and writing skills. We will read the novel independently and as a class - gathering content and practising grammar and punctuation techniques to use in our own writing. Once we have carried out the steps in the sequence, we will write an alternative or additional chapter relating to the story. 


During Autumn Term 1, we will be starting our Maths lessons by following the Maths-No Problem scheme. We will begin by looking at the place value of larger numbers to ten million. From this, we will move on to comparing, ordering and rounding numbers. To finish the half term, we will move on to calculations using all operations. 

Long Multiplication Treasure Hunt


In Science, we will be investigating our topic of 'Evolution'. We will be researching Charles Darwin's famous theory of evolution and begin to understand concepts such as adaptation, natural selection, variation and inheritance.  


In RE, we will be learning about the religion of Hinduism. We will study the Hindu faith and the concepts of dharma, atman, moksha, karma and Brahman.


We are going to be studying the world's biomes during our Geography lessons. We will research these using our iPads and identify the different biomes in relation to their position on Earth. We will study the different characteristics of each biome before creating Keynote presentations about them.  

Sebastian’s Desert Presentation

Still image for this video

Art - Collage

In Art, we are going to be using a variety of materials to create our own collages. We will investigate different approaches to do this to create a variety of effects. We will investigate the work of George Braque and his cubist effects within his art. 

Still Life Drawing

Abstract Still Life


In our PSHE lessons, we will be learning about mental wellbeing and things we can do to promote positive wellbeing. We will also be researching and discussing living healthy lifestyles. 


Invasion Games: Tag Rugby

We will use consistency, accuracy and control when passing and catching a ruby ball. We will apply simple tactics to outwit opponents when playing a game and make decisions on when to pass. We will also apply simple attacking and defending tactics and apply these in ruby games. Finally, we will evaluate our own and others work and suggest ways of improvement.



Learning outside the Classroom

Throughout this term, we will be using every opportunity to take our learning outside. This might include using our vast outside space around school, or organising trips or visitors to enhance learning across the entire curriculum.