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Autumn Term 1

Our Topic this term will be…



To begin this half term, we are focusing our learning around the theory of evolution. We are studying the work of the famous British scientist, Charles Darwin, and learning about his ideas of adaptation and inheritance. 

Animals including Humans

During Spring term 1, we are also learning about animals, including humans. We are studying fossils and thinking about how we can use them to understand the past. We are looking at the work of Mary Anning - a fossil hunter (paleontologist) from the late 18th century. She discovered many significant fossils on the south coast of England in Lyme Regis, Dorset. 


Language of Comparison


In some ways ____ and _____ are alike, for instance they both ______


Another feature they have in common is that ______________


Furthermore, they are both ___________



However, they also differ in some ways. For example, ______ while ________


Another difference is _________________

whereas ________


The similarities/ differences seem more significant because _________________

Kensuke's Kingdom

Later this half term, we will be reading our class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom. Whilst reading, we will be using the story as a basis for our fictional writing, looking specifically at flashbacks and time-shifts.