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Cause and effect conjunctions and adverbs for explaining


Cause and effect conjunctions and adverbs are used to help explain how or why something happens.


They are used to join something that happensdue to something else that has happened. 


Light must enter the human eye in order to see objects.

Here are some conjunctions and adverbs we can use to help us when explaining how or why something happens. Some may be more familiar than others.



Your Challenge


Think about situations where you may have to explain something. Think about the things you do at home or at school. 


Have the experimenter grid in front of you. Close your eyes and select a conjunction or adverb at random. Once you have picked one, come up with a sentence where your conjunction or adverb could be used to explain something. You can work with the person you are sitting next to for this. 


Once you have come up with a sentence, say it aloud and record it in your book.