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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Miss Hall and Mr Hindman will be updating this page regularly with useful information.  

Follow our learning journey.

Here, we will share the fantastic work completed in class. 

This term our topic will be....

Animals and other living things



In Literacy, our first unit will be discussion texts which is a balanced argument. We will read and analyse a range of discussion texts before writing one themed around the environment and the human impact on animal and plant habitats. 

Do humans impact on the environment in a damaging way?



Our second unit will focus on journalistic writing.

Did you know that 503 new species were discovered by Natural History Museum scientists in 2020?  Well, we will be producing a newspaper report on the discovery of a new animal! Stay tuned for our reports and broadcasts later on this term. 


In Maths, we are going to continue to develop our knowledge on fractions. We will be looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will be exploring the method of how to change these.

During this half term we will be looking at division. We will look at methods used to divide. We also will be exploring statistics (bar and line charts) and telling the time.


In Music this term, we will continue to explore using the glockenspiel on our iPads. Using Charanga, we will begin to play along to songs before performing them in class. We will develop our understanding of beat, pulse and rhythm. Through Music we will be making links to ICT when we Use technology to compose and record our own music.


Within RE, this half term we will be looking closely at Ramadan and developing our understanding of our beliefs, values and commitments to our faith. We will be linking our RE work to our British values.


In PSHCE, we are going to be developing our understanding of how to be safe and noticing dangerous situations. We will be discussing peer pressure and exploring different strategies we can use to overcome peer pressure.


During this half term, the children in year 4 are going to be looking att orienteering and dance. Within these sports the children will be learning to work better as a team and portray a narrative through a sequence of movements.

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