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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Miss Hall and Miss Klapproth will be updating this page regularly with useful information.  

Follow our learning journey.

Here, we will share the fantastic work completed in class. 

This term our concepts will be....

Change, Community and Trade




The children will be learning new skills when writing an explanation text. These are opening statements, labelled diagrams, writing cause and effect complex sentences using conjunctions (such as otherwise, as a result) and using causal adverbs like therefore, though and due to.


Explanation Texts: How volcanoes erupt


After this, we will be reading the Snow Queen where Gerda searches for her friend Kay across the wilds of Lapland meeting some interesting characters along the way. We shall use this to invent our own fantasy stories.



This term, we will be learning how to multiply and divide by 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. The children will begin to understand mathematical vocabulary such as 'quotient' in relation to division. They will learn how to calculate multiplication equations using the multiplication facts that they know and understand the difference between sharing and grouping. They will understand the commutative law in multiplication and also solve problems involving multiplication and division.





This term we will be learning about electricity.

 We will be learning about appliances that need electricity to function, conductors and insulators, and using a range of components including buzzers, bulbs and switches to produce series circuits. We will then create explanation texts on how circuits work and how electricity reaches our homes.

Making Series Circuits

Circuit Diagrams


We will be learning about the country where the Romans came from: Italy. We will be investigating the human and physical features of this area, including volcanoes (like the famous Mount Vesuvius), mountains, coasts and ancient buildings like the Colosseum.

The children will also be applying their explanation skills in English to write an explanation text on how volcanoes erupt.



Fieldwork skills linked to Mount Vesuvius


In Gymnastics, we will develop ways of travelling, jumping and rolling. We will be balancing using small and large body parts and will create a sequence of travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling actions. We will suggest ways of improvement and make judgements on qualities of performances.


In Invasion Games (Tag Rugby), we will send and receive a rugby ball, move into spaces to receive passes and travel with a rugby ball with control. We will use simple tactics to outwit opponents and apply simple attacking principles in an Invasion game. We will evaluate and recognise our success. 

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What a busy and fun-filled half-term we have!