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At Stoneyholme Primary, inspiring our pupils is fundamental. To be expressive to be creative, to be imaginative …the Arts allows this. Through studying Art, our pupils develop their understanding of styles, creativity and of skills to produce and make. learning how art has developed over time, the effects it’s has on our lives, communities, how it engages and stimulates conversation, discussion through; cross curriculum links; STEAM with STEMterprise and through our Concepts.


Art also enables our children to gain an historical perspective, by understanding the important role art has played and its place in the world. Time lining it’s importance. Specific mediums and forms of artistic expression have changed throughout human history, but for the most part, art falls into one of the following seven classical forms. Each different form of art is experienced differently and affects our emotions and feelings. 


The curriculum covers art forms of paint, print, 3D , Collage, Digital & textiles. Mapped out with skills progression over each key stage. ( see curriculum overview) 


They learn to understand the influences from literacy to ICT help to promote creativity, we ensure that the children have a wide range of experiences further enhancing their knowledge . 


The children explore key concepts as they move through school - allowing them to apply new knowledge as they revisit these throughout both key stages and across curriculum links. This approach encourages deeper understanding and prepares our pupils for future learning.  


The children consider the following concept questions throughout their learning


What does it mean to be a citizen? 

Does equality always mean treating everybody the same?

Is power always a positive thing?

Does change always make things better?

Is being part of a community the same for everyone?


Alongside each of these key concepts, the children at Stoneyholme also consider second order concepts such as influence, identity, diversity and tradition. 


The school will stimulate and develop the potential of every child across the Arts. Our pupils will be confident and proud of the achievements they make.


Why we see the arts as important:

The Arts curriculum consists of four key areas: Music, Art, Drama and Dance.

The Arts are taught across KS1 and KS2, covering a full range of skills. Where appropriate, they are planned for and integrated into many areas of the curriculum. Every child at Stoneyholme has the opportunity to enjoy, participate and ultimately learn from the Arts. We aim to provide a wide range of high quality arts experiences for all abilities and backgrounds, and promote understanding of the Arts from a wide range of cultures, including their own. Community involvement is encouraged to share the rich cultural heritage of our children. The Arts address different learning styles, increasing confidence. They open a world of expression, imagination and enjoyment.