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Warm up

Look at the example sentence below. As you can see, the sentence starts with an 'ed' opener. There is a comma to separate the 'ed' opening clause and the main clause. This makes it easier for the reader to read as the sentence makes perfect sense.


For the warm up, add a main clause to 'ed' opening clause that begins with 'Positioned'. Finish off the sentence so it makes perfect sense.

Today you are going to be writing a setting description about a garden. In your writing today I would like you to include expanded noun phrases and at least one relative clause. The aim is to make your garden sound amazing to the reader.

Step 1

First, look at the picture below. What can you see in the picture? What different colours are there? Are there small and tall plants? Do you recognise any flowers? What is shining on the grass?


Explore the picture with your sense of sight. As you do, start to think how you would describe what you can see.

Step 2

Now, as well as our sense of sight, lets use 3 more. As you can see, the further 3 senses used are smell, touch and hear. 


Look at the boxes below. There are examples of what you could experience if you imagine yourself to be walking through this garden. The identified examples tell us what we might see, hear, smell and touch.


Could you use some of these example when writing your own setting description?

Step 3

Look at the MODEL below. Read it carefully as you may wish to magpie some ideas when you describe your own setting.


As you can see, I have highlighted the expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. I have done this to remind you of how to punctuate them correctly. There is also a simile starter in the paragraph, can you spot it?

Step 4

Make sure you use the steps to success when writing your setting description. This will help remind you what you need to include in your paragraph.


First, write the date and LC.


Then, using the image below, write your very own setting description.


I would like you to write your setting description to be written within a good sized paragraph.


Remember to refer to the 'Steps to success' throughout your writing. This will help you remember to include expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and a simile starter.


When you have finished your setting description, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW.