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We are delighted to welcome children into Year 5. This web page will be updated with useful information and photographs of the fantastic work we have done in class, so please check it regularly.

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Summer 1 - All Change



During in the next 5 weeks of this half term, we will be immersing ourselves in older literature. We are going to be reading, discussing and innovating the plot pattern of 101 Dalmatians. Towards the the end of the half term, we will be exploring and writing a discussion text linked to our Geography topic.


Throughout this half term, we are going to be focusing on Geometry. We will be learning about different shapes, including triangles, quadrilaterals, regular and irregular polygons. We will also be learning to identify, measure and draw different types of angles. We are going looking at different units of measure and converting these.


This half term, we are going to be learning about South America. Our focus will be locating major countries and cities within South America. We will also be describing physical characteristics of a region in South America. We will investigating through fieldwork in the form of measuring and comparing rainfall. 


At the beginning of this half term our focus will be Islam and the significance of the Quran and its importance to Muslims. We will also be researching how the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammed.


Throughout this half term, we will be focusing on the importance of job roles and goal setting, in order to achieve positive outcomes within the world of employment.


During this half term, we are going to be working on our cutting, measuring and testing skills through the 'Fly to the Line' project. We will be making a model aeroplane which we will be flying.


During this half term, we are going to be focusing 'Classroom Jazz' through the Charanga scheme.


Throughout this half term, we are going to be focusing on Orienteering within our PE curriculum.

Spring Term 2 - Out of this world


In Maths, we will be comparing  and ordering decimal numbers. We will be learning to round decimals with 1 decimal place to the nearest whole number and recognize and write decimal equivalents of  tenths and  hundredths. We will learn to recognize and write decimal equivalents for ¼, ½ and ¾,  count up and down in fractional steps,  count up and down in hundredths and find the effect of dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100. Next,  we will learn to compare quantities and find quantities of a number.  

Then, we will move on to learn about coordinates. We will compare and classify geometric shapes, complete simple symmetrical figures with a line of symmetry and learn how to  plot specific points to complete a  polygon. Finally, we will learn about acute and obtuse angles and symmetry in 2D shapes.




This half term, we will be looking at Space. Throughout this unit, we will be explaining the process of how night and day occurs, the movement of the moon and earth relative to the sun and exploring the planets in our solar system. Learning technical language – orbit, planetary, solar.

Then we will describe and explain the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in a Non-chronological report. 




Orbit of the Sun, Earth and Moon

During the next 5 weeks in Literacy, we will be immersing ourselves in a range of Science Fiction stories. 

We will be reading, discussing  and sharing lots of  short Science Fiction Stories . We will also  be learning about Poetry,  how to read and recite poetry  using expression. Towards the end of term, we will be using everything we have learned this half term about science fictions to write our own amazing Science Fiction story.



In RE, we will learn about the Christian beliefs about miracles as ‘signs’ of the divinity of Jesus. We will learn about a selection of miracle stories and explain what these might reveal to Christians about the nature of Jesus. We will learn about why some Christians might go on pilgrimage to places associated with miraculous events and  the impact that belief in miracles and the power of prayer might have on a Christian. Next,  we will learn about the difference between fact, opinion and belief and consider differing interpretations of the word miracle – i.e. an amazing event, a very lucky experience, a strange coincidence, an act of God. We will  discuss our own beliefs and if  there anything that we accept as truth which others may not agree with. We will reflect on how we make decisions about what is/is not true.



Have a look below at our definitions of what a miracle is. 



In ICT, we will be learning about online safety and the potential risk of providing personal information online. We will also learn how to combine sequences of instructions and procedures.



In PSHCE, we will be learning about shared responsibilities and reasons for rules and laws and the consequences of not adhering to them. We will learn about how  human rights are  there to protect everyone. Next, we will learn about the relationship between rights and responsibilities, and  the importance of having compassion towards others. We will learn about our  shared responsibilities  for caring for other people and living things and how to show care and concern for others.  We will show ways of carrying out shared responsibilities for protecting the environment in school and at home and  how everyday choices can affect the environment.



In Well-being, we will be exploring lots of different exercises and activities that will help develop physical and emotional well-being.

Our fabulous well-being work!

In P.E, we will be learning different skills from the PE Curriculum. We will take part in Gymnastic, Athletics, Dance, and Games activities.

Our amazing PE work!


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