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Year 5

We are delighted to welcome you to

Year 5. 


 This web page will be updated with useful information and photographs of the fantastic work we have done in class and at home, so please check it regularly.

Welcome to Autumn 1







In English, we will be reading, responding to and analysing a range of  legends to explore the features. We will focus in on one - The Legend of Gelert and, using what we've learned about the features, we will invent and write our own narratives based on the same plot structure.

We will be learning how to use fronted adverbials for time in our writing, such as 'All of a sudden', 'When the clock struck twelve', 'After a while', and how to punctuate sentences with fronted adverbials. 

After this, we will follow the same reading through to writing sequence and write information booklets to share our learning about the Ancient Greeks.



In our reading lessons, we will develop our comprehension skills so that we have strategies for understanding more complex texts. We will continue to read and be read to for a range of purposes across the curriculum.




In Maths, we are going to be be following the Maths No problem Scheme.  
We will be learning how to:

read, write and comparing numbers to 1, 000, 000

make and understand number patterns

round numbers up to 100 000

add and subtract using formal methods

multiply and divide using formal methods.





In Maths we played a place value game with a 9 sided dice.  The winner is the one who made the smallest number.

We can order 6 digit numbers.


In Science, we will be learning all about different types of forces and how they impact our lives. The forces we will learn about are: friction, gravity, air resistance and water resistance. 





In science, we have been learning about gravity.  We investigated which ball had the greatest gravitational pull.

In Science we have been learning about water resistance.
We investigated which shaped ‘boat’ was pulled to the bottom of the water the quickest.




This term our focus will be studying Greek life and achievement and their influence on the western world. 

Whilst completing this work we will explore the concept of power and how the Ancient Greeks influenced our world today.




In Computing, we are going to be learning about Online safety and how to make the right choice when using technology. 



In Art, we are going to be linking our learning with Ancient Greece and focusing images from the achievements including Greek architecture.  We will be using photographs and images to draw with proportion and scale. 



In Music, we will be using the Charanga scheme to learn about how music is used to bring us together.


Invasion Games: Tag Rugby


We will use consistency, accuracy and control when passing and catching a ruby ball. We will apply simple tactics to outwit opponents when playing a game and make decisions on when to pass. We will also apply simple attacking and defending tactics and apply these in ruby games. Finally, we will evaluate our own and others work and suggest ways of improvement.


In Year 5, our focus question for the year is: Where can we find guidance about how to live our lives?

This half term our focus question is: Why is it sometimes difficult to do the right thing?


We are going to be learning what Christians believe about sin and forgiveness. We will explore how stories can contain important messages about how people should behave, and how the Bible story of Adam and Eve impacts on what Christians believe and how this is reflected in practice.





In PSHCE, we will be learning about Respectful Relationships and Families and People who care for us.

We will learn about the importance of treating others with respect and the importance of self respect. We will develop our understanding that families of all types can give family members love, security and stability.

British Values, Rights Respecting and Concepts 


We will continue to develop our understanding of British Values linking them through our learning. 


Through History , we will explore the values of Power. 

We will also focus

Article 4 Making Rights Real.

How does democratic system give us our rights?


The key disciplinary concept within this topic will be:

Is power always a good thing?

and the substantive concepts -

How does a democracy offer equity to its citizens?

Does a democratic system mean equity for all?


Through PSHCE, we will be exploring the value of Individual Liberty. We will discuss the importance of looking after your health. 


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