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Year 5

We are delighted to welcome children into Year 5. This web page will be updated with useful information and photographs of the fantastic work we have done in class, so please check it regularly.

Autumn Term 2
In Literacy, we will be reading the story of Macbeth. We will be using Talk for Writing to learn part of story 'Macbeth' so we can write our own version. We will identify new vocabulary and phrases from the story and identify adverbials that link ideas across paragraphs. In reading we will be focusing sequencing events, retrieving information and and making inferences around characters'. Towards the end of half term, we will be focusing on playscripts linked to Macbeth.
In Art we will focus on images of the witches from Macbeth. First we will be sketching using different techniques and shadows to formulate a drawing. Moving on from this, we will be looking at size and proportion of characters and using these to create a digital art final piece on Purple Mash.
In Maths, we will be continuing with multiplication and division and use our knowledge of these concepts to solve word problems. towards the end of half term we will be focusing on the concept of statistics, more specifically, graphs. 
In History, we will learn about key events in the Mayan Civilisation and compare their achievements to the Ancient Greeks, that we learned about in Autumn 1. We will also be writing a historical based persuasion text.
In R.E we will be answering the questions 'Where can we find guidance about how to live our lives?' and 'Why is it sometimes difficult to do the right thing?'.We will be exploring Christian beliefs and teachings about sin and temptation and introduce core Christian concepts such as The Fall, Original Sin, Free Will, forgiveness and reconciliation. 

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