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Year 5

We are delighted to welcome you to

Year 5. 


 This web page will be updated with useful information and photographs of the fantastic work we have done in class and at home, so please check it regularly.

Welcome to Spring 1





In English, we will be reading the story of Alice in Wonderland.  We will identify new vocabulary and phrases from the story and identify adverbials that link ideas across paragraphs. In Reading, we will be focusing on sequencing events, retrieving information and making inferences around the various characters. We will be exploring the structure of each chapter and how they are linked and how the author creates humour. Towards the end of half term, we will be writing about our own character in our own ‘Wonderland’. 









In Maths, we will be working on fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be learning to divide whole numbers to create fractions and create mixed numbers and improper fractions when dividing whole numbers. We will learn to write, find, compare and order improper fractions and mixed numbers using a number line and pictorial methods. In addition, we will learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed fractions, whole numbers and improper fractions. 







In Artwe will focus on images of the character from Alice in Wonderland. We will be revisiting drawing skills to form tone and shade and observational drawing. We will then develop this drawing into a painting. We will be sketching using different techniques and shadows to formulate a drawing. We will also be working on brush control, using of thin and thick, marks, textures, layering, colour mixing and washes.  Moving on from this, we will be looking at size and the proportion of characters, using these to create a digital art final piece on Sketches.  




In Computing, we are going to be learning about Online safety and how to make the right choice when using technology.  We will also be learning about Information Technology being able to analyse and evaluate information and how to understand how search results are selected and ranked. 




In Dance, we will use a stimulus (set of instructions and English vocabulary) to create gestures, travelling patterns, stillnesses and explore contrasting emotions with different ways to demonstrate. We will learn how to work in unison and use canon effectively to develop techniques to perform with accuracy, control and timing. We will perform in pairs, groups and as a whole class performance.


Sequence 🤸🤸🏿

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In R.E, we will be learning about Hinduism. We will be reading stories about Krishna and what the stories might teach Hindus. We will also learn about the Hindu festival of 'Holi' and the different ways the festival is celebrated.




In Engineering, we will be carrying out the project - Fly to the Line. During this project, we will be designing, generating and developing ideas to make aeroplanes. 



In Science, we will be learning all about different types of forces and how they impact our lives. The forces we will learn about are: friction, gravity, air resistance and water resistance. 



In Music, we will be using our Charanga scheme to answer the question 'How does music improve our world?'

British Values and Rights Respecting


We will continue to develop our understanding of British Values linking them through our learning and in our assembly times. This half term we will focus on Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and the Rule of Law.



We will focus on Articles 7 and 8 which link to identity. We know that there are many different ways that make us wonderful and unique. 

Concept Questions


This half term, we will explore the following questions: 


Is Power always a positive thing? 

Does Equality always mean treating everybody the same?




We have been using the STEAM hub in our Art lessons to work towards drawing and painting our own Alice in Wonderland playing cards. 

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