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Warm up

Read the paragraph below. As our warm up focus for this week is using our proof reading strategies, look for errors in the paragraph below that need correcting.

Today we are going to be reading a variety of persuasive texts. We are going to be discussing the structure and identifying the purpose of these texts.

Step 1

Look at the definition below. This will help us understand what the purpose of a persuasion text is. Read carefully.

Step 2

Look at the next 2 slides carefully. These help us understand the structure of a persuasion text. Read carefully to understand what a persuasion text must include.

Step 3

Read the text below. Once you have read the text, can you identify the purpose of the text. In other words, what is the main point of the text that the author is trying to get across to the reader. 


How does the author attempt to persuade the reader?


First, read the persuasion texts. There will be 6 of them to read. After you have read one, record its purpose in your books. Think about what the author is trying to persuade the reader to do.


The text could have different structures. As you read, think carefully about why the text is structured in this way.


What it should look like in your book

If you are at home, complete the task in your blended learning book.


When finished, send a picture of you work to your teacher on SEESAW!