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Warm up

Write two sentences. One with a fronted adverbial that tells the reader when something is happening and one with a fronted adverbial that tells the reader where something is happening. Link your sentences to the story of Macbeth.

Today we are going to be writing a character description based on Banquo as a ghost the Macbeth’s dinner.

Look carefully below. To be successful in your writing, you could include these features. Can you think of an example of a relative clause (embedded)? Can you think of an example of a simile starter?

An expanded noun phrase is an adjective that describes a noun. An expanded noun phrase could include more than one adjective. If so, what punctuation do we need to separate the adjectives?

Look carefully at the bubbles below. Jot down expanded noun phrases for each of the features in the bubble.

For example:

His determined face

His ragged trousers

His strong arms

His husky voice

His powerful character


Read the model below.
Can you identify the expanded noun phrases?

Can you identify the relative clause (embedded)?

Can you identify the simile starter?


Write a character description about Banquo at Macbeth’s dinner table. You can magpie some ideas from the model but change as much as you can.


Remember, to be successful you could include:

Expanded noun phrases

Relative clause (embedded)

Simile starter

If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended Learning Book and complete your character description.

When you have finished, send a picture of your character description to your teacher through your Purple Mash email.