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Warm up

Add a a fronted adverbial to the main clauses below to create sentences that makes perfect sense.

Today we are going to be learning the 1st paragraph of our story map. We are going to be creating our own actions to help us remember part of the story of Macbeth.

We are going to be story mapping the paragraph below. Read the text to familiarise yourself with the paragraph, this will help you when learning our story map.


We are now going to create actions together and rehearse them in order to help us remember this part of the story (1st paragraph).


Remember your actions for punctuation!

If you are at home, look at the story map above. Come up with your own actions to help your remember this part of the story (1st paragraph).


Can you get someone at home to take a picture of you practising these actions? If so, email your teacher this on your Purple Mash email.