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The Final Years


      In July, 1966, Walt and Lillian celebrated their forty-first wedding anniversary. Walt was becoming tired after his fun-filled life and decided to spend more time with his family. They enjoyed time together, such as taking a holiday on a cruise in British Columbia. After this particular trip, Walt didn't feel well and visited the doctor. Sadly, Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking cigarettes. Experts during this time didn't really understand the risks of smoking. On December 15, 1966, Walt died of lung cancer, he was only sixty-five years old. 


      Walt Disney was a pioneer of modern day entertainment and led the way in the world of animation. His legacy lives on to this day, and the Walt Disney Company continues to entertain people through Disney books, records, movies, toys and his parks have developed all over the world. There was one simple idea that sparked this phenomena - to have fun. Walter Elias Disney was buried on 17 December, 1966, in Forest Lawn, California.