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Who do Sikhs worship?

Who do Sikh’s worship?

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What do Sikhs believe?


Sikhs believe in one God who guides and protects them. They believe everyone is equal before God. Sikhs believe that your actions are important and you should lead a good life. They believe the way to do this is:

  • Keep God in your heart and mind at all times
  • Live honestly and work hard
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Be generous to those less fortunate than you
  • Serve others


  How is this similar to Islam or Christianity?


At Stoneyholme we are lucky to have such wonderful children.


I want you to think about what makes you a good person?


What kind and thoughtful things do you do for others?


On Seesaw or in you blue blended learning book write or draw in the star an example of you being a good person. 



I know it will be very tricky for you to just do one as you are all so amazing and caring.