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Today we are looking at the results from last weeks experiment.


Do you remember?


Mrs Metcalfe set up the science experiment to find out which soil is the least absorbent.

(Lets the most water through.)


There were 3 different types of soil.


Sandy soil,  rocky soil and clay soil.



Let's take two soils. 

Sandy soil and clay soil.


Make a prediction!


Which soil will is the least absorbent?

(let the most water through?)


Sandy soil or clay soil.


Think about what you already know about soils and make a prediction.


I doesn't matter if you get it wrong, that's how we learn.

Click on the link below.


Read through and answer the questions.


Watch the experiment of the two soils to find out which soil is the least absorbent.

(lets the most water through.)

Was your prediction right?

Don't change it. 


Remember we learn from our mistakes.



Now using what you know make a prediction about the 3 different types of soil.


Rocky, sandy and clay.


Which soil is the least absorbent?

(let the most water through)

If you are learning from home, complete this task in your blue book and take a photograph of it and email, through Purple Mash, it to your class teacher.