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Spring Term 2

Our topic this term was


This half-term we focused on changes within the environment. For this work, we linked our Literacy, Geography and Science subjects. 



We looked at The Window and Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker. We used these texts to inform our stories with issues and dilemmas linked to the environment.

Have a read below of the children's work around these texts so far. 

Investigating Issues and Dilemmas

Diary Recounts - Characters' thoughts and feelings

Innovated Stories with an Issue and Dilemma


In Maths, we looked at counting the area of a shape and solving problems involving money. We also explored fractions looking at adding, subtracting, finding equivalents and comparing fractions.


In Science, our topic was States of Matter. For this topic, we explored the particle structure of each state (Solid, Liquid and Gas). We looked at everyday items and which state they would come under. We investigated the changes in matter such as freezing and melting.

States of Matter


During this half-term, we linked our scientific understanding of states of matter and our understanding of explanation texts in literacy to help us explain the process of the water cycle. The children identified the key processes within the cycle and explained these both verbally and in writing.

After, we investigated the impact climate change is having on our water cycle and what we can do to reduce these effects, linking it to the global goals and eco.  

Explanation plans and texts on how the water cycle works


In RE, we have looked at celebrations that we might share with others and the people we would invite. This developed into looking at the importance of the Eucharist in the religion of Christianity. We looked at which story in the Bible this links to and the reasons why Christians value this celebration. 


In Music this term, we used the website Charanga. We learned about beat, pulse and rhythm through a variety of different types of music. We also learned how to appreciate the music we listen to.

In P.E., we learned different skills from the PE Curriculum. 

We took part in Gymnastic, Athletics, Dance, and Games activities. 

Our amazing PE work!


Still image for this video


In PSHCE, we looked at the effects that a situation has on our wellbeing. We explored the different types of wellbeing, focusing on mental and physical. The children created activities to help people with one of the categories of wellbeing. We discussed our achievements and what we were proud of during lockdown. We even set ourselves short term goals.

Also, we looked at Economic Wellbeing and the ways in which people track money and decide what is a priority, need and want before spending. 

In Well-being, we explored lots of different exercises and activities that helped develop physical and emotional well-being.

Our fabulous well-being work!