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Spring Term 2

Our topic this term was


Does change always make things better?

This half-term we focused on changes within the environment. For this work, we linked our English and science subjects. 




Stories with Issues and Dilemmas


Year 4 looked at The Window and Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker. Through these stories, we investigated the effects of human power on the environment and whether the changes we make are positive. Then, we used these  texts to inform our own stories with issues and dilemmas linked to the environment. 

Discussion Texts

Our next unit was discussion texts. Discussion texts are balanced arguments. We read and analysed a range of discussion texts before writing one themed around the environment and the human impact on animal and plant habitats. 

Do humans impact on the environment in a damaging way?

Book Week

Monday 28th February - Friday 4th March

To celebrate our love of reading, we did lots of fun and exciting activities themed around our class novels as well as other fantastic books we had read and enjoyed. 

Hook into a Book 1

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Hook into a Book 2

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In maths, we will continued our topic of time. We learned how to compare times on the 12 hour and 24 hour clocks, converting time in minutes to seconds and hours to minutes.


We then moved on to learning about decimals, where we learned how to count up and down in tenths and hundredths, began to recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of hundredths and tenths and compared decimals. 


On Friday 11th March, Year 4 took part in a tree planting project with support from their parents and the Ribble Rivers Trust. This was a spectacular community project on our school grounds that supports biodiversity in the local area and helps reduce the effect of air pollution around Stoneyholme. 
We have planted around 100 trees, that are native species, on our school grounds. The species are silver birch, rowan, field maple, hawthorn, goat willow, crab apple and bird cherry. 
As our school has now increased the number of native tree cover in the UK, we have also honoured The Queen’s Green Canopy project to celebrate The Platinum Jubilee. The Queen’s mission to “Plant a tree for the jubilee.” across the UK has been a massive success at Stoneyholme!

Well done Year 4! 



In Science, our topic was States of Matter. For this topic, we explored the particle structure of each state (Solid, Liquid and Gas). During our Crest Award, we investigated two dairy products changing state (butter and ice-cream) and learned about melting points. We then demonstrated how states of matter can change and what happens to the particles when these changes occur.

Changing states of matter

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Changing states of matter two

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This half term in RE, we focused on two key words: sacrifice and temptation. We learned about Lent and why it is so important to Christians, whilst learning about some important stories in the bible. We therefore focused on our key concepts question:

Is power always a positive thing?

We then discussed whether it is a good or bad thing that we have the power to be able to sacrifice things for others.


In PSHE, we looked at Economic Wellbeing and the ways in which people track money and decide what is a priority, need and want before spending.





In Dance, we will explore movement to communicate characters using travels, turns and gestures. We will be communicating narrative with partners and combining sequences to create final performances. We will describe, interpret and evaluate our own and others Dance.  


OAA-Team Work & Problem Solving

In OAA, we will be cooperating and working together as a team to complete challenges. We will generate ideas,  try out different solutions, follow concise instructions and use individual strengths. We will support and encourage our team members.


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