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Spring Term 2


This half term we are focusing on changes within the school environment. For this work, we will link our Literacy, Geography and RE.



We will be looking at Windows and Where the forest meets the Sea by Jeanie Baker. We will use these texts to inform our discussion texts to talk about whether changes are good or bad.


Have a read below of some of our recounts of how a person must have felt about the changes in their environment.



We will develop our fieldwork skills by making a range of maps of forest school and the meadow using a key.

As part of this work we have produced some sketch maps of what the meadow could change into if it became a community space.


Have a look at some of our examples below.


We have looked at how to produce sketch maps using a key.  Here are our sketch maps of Forest School and some ideas that we have about turning the meadow into a community space.


In Geography, we are learning about they key features of maps and how to make a key with symbols. 

Have a look below at the fun we had making mud maps in our school grounds.




In RE, we will focus on the Easter story and the sacrifice of Jesus in the hope of changing peoples’ behavior.

We are looking forward to a visit from Christine at the Faith Centre to help us with this work.



Science Week

As part of science week we will be flying to the line making our own gliders as part of a national competition.

We shall see natural flyers when Lancashire Hawks and Owls come into our school and look at the Science and Engineering behind flights using BAE systems.

Keep looking at our page to see some amazing pictures from these events.




Forest Week

The last week of this term will be International forest Week. We are hoping to be out in forest school and appreciate the environment we live in as well as making a positive impact on the environment by taking part in a litter pick.

Parents and guardians will hopefully be invited into school to help us with this.