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Spring Term 1

This term our topic was...

Stories from Around Europe



This term we explored different fairy tales and folk tales, which included writing and performing play scripts.  




Children's Playscripts

Little Match Girl Summaries


Using different techniques such as ripping, tearing and overlapping we created collages to show hot and cold scenes in the Little Match Girl story. 


Twisting, Tearing and Overlapping




We followed the Maths No Problem Scheme and started this term with learning how to interpret picture graphs and bar graphs. We introduced line graphs and how they are used to measure change over time. We also interpreted line graphs and used information collated in a table to draw a line graph. 





In Science, Year 4 explored and investigated how the digestive system works, looking at different organs and their functions. They also completed work on dental care and the importance of dental hygiene. 


The Human Digestive System

Teeth and Dental Care


In PSHCE, we looked at how to maintain good oral hygiene and how our lifestyle choices can affect our teeth. We also discussed every child's right to an education on health (Article 24). Did you know dental care is free for anyone under the age of 18? Make sure you are registered with a dentist and make regular visits. 



Looking after our teeth

In P.E., we learned different skills from the PE Curriculum. We took part in Gymnastic, Athletics, Dance, and Games activities.

Our amazing PE work!

In Well-being, we explored lots of different exercises and activities that helped develop physical and emotional well-being.