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Monday 19th April 2021

LC: To describe how changes to an environment can endanger living things.

Last week, we began looking at marine ecosystems and what they need in order for every species living within it to survive. 

What does a marine ecosystem need in order for its species to survive?


What happens if too many changes happen to an ecosystem?

 Can you give examples?  

If the _________ was taken out of an ecosystem, it would endanger the ________ since _____________________ . 

Humans are impacting on many ecosystems around the world and changing the habitats that species live in. We began looking at the human impact on our oceans last week and the global goals. 

By 2025, world leaders have agreed that they will prevent and reduce marine pollution caused by human activity. 

Reduce acids that are created in the oceans due to global warming. 

Stop overfishing from happening and look at sustainable ways of fishing.


So, how bad is marine pollution in our oceans and how is it impacting on marine environments?

UNCRC Article 17 states that every child  has the right to reliable information from a variety of sources and governments should encourage the media to provide information that children can understand.



Click on the picture to access BBC Newsround. Here, you will find reliable information, that should be easy to understand, on the plastic pollution in our seas. 


Make notes in your book on how plastic is damaging to the environment and how it endangers living things found around or within the oceans.