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During the first few weeks at school; the children will be settling in and learning the different routines.  The children will be exploring the classroom and choosing lots of different jobs and making new friends. 


We will be talking about how to respect our school, our responsibilities and how to follow the rules. 

This links to the Rights Respecting

Article 28- Every child has the right to an education.


Our class charter focuses on Article 24: Every child has the right to the best possible health. We have discussed ways to respect our right.

Our key question for the term is:


    Can you be the same and  different at the same time?

Is it OK to be different?



This will be discussed through stories and a range of activities that celebrate our similarities and differences. Our Rights Respecting focus is ‘Proud to be’.


During our PSED learning, we will be reading ‘The Colour Monster’.


The story is about a monster who changes colour depending on how he is feeling. We will be exploring each of the feelings in detail. 


Making our happy and sad jars

Calm and angry jars

During our Literacy, we will be learning the story of the gingerbread man. We will practise the story with actions to help us learn it by heart. 

You can’t catch me I am the gingerbread man

Making bridges

During our RE, we will be learning about the mosque. We have been talking about who goes to a mosque, how they different and what happens inside at mosque.

As part of our physical development, we have been developing our core strength. 

To link with our expressive art and design aspect of the curriculum, the children will be painting and drawing their self portraits. We will be making sure they included all of the different features on their faces. 

During Music, we will be learning

lots of different nursery rhymes and exploring some different instruments. 

Look at the subpages below to see all of the other fantastic things we have been doing in Reception.