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For our Eco learning, we are a member of the Eco-Schools programme. This is an international initiative that encourages pupils to engage with environment and sustainable development issues. The Eco-Schools programme has a seven-step framework that we are using to introduce, manage and complete environmental actions in our school and local community. It will engage, motivate and empower all our pupils to care for our planet now and throughout their lifetimes.



The ten Eco topics of the programme are Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water.


On completing the seven steps throughout the school year, we will submit our online application in July for a Green Flag Award. The Award will acknowledge, reward and celebrate the ecological achievements of our pupils.

Through the school's curriculum, the children will explore key concepts and consider the following concept questions. 


What does it mean to be a citizen

Does equality always mean treating everybody the same?

Is power always a positive thing?

Does change always make things better?

Is trade necessary?

Is being part of a community the same for everyone?


Alongside each of these key concepts, the children will also consider second order concepts such as climate change, diversity, responsibility, fair trade and sustainability.


Engagement in the Eco-schools programme also contributes 

 to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Green team leaders

Stoneyholme Primary School is committed to educating its pupils about caring for and respecting the environment and developing responsible citizens who are able to make valuable decisions. The Green team leaders at Stoneyholme Primary School have a key role in achieving this and are a paramount part of our Eco-Schools programme. They represent the whole school community, the Green team.

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Green Flag Award

We have achieved a Green Flag Award with Distinction for

our Eco actions and learning in 2021-22

Use the link below to see how we are learning outside the classroom in our school grounds.

Eco challenges and events 2022-23

Archived Eco 2021-22