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Reading Lesson 1



Around 800 BC people in Britain learned how to use iron. This discovery had a dramatic impact on everyday life. Iron tools made farming much easier than before and settlements grew in size.

Iron Age Britain was a violent place. People lived in clans that belonged to tribes led by warrior kings. Rival tribes fought with deadly iron weapons. Many people lived in hill forts to keep safe from attacks.

During the Iron Age, the Celtic people spread out across Europe and many settled in Britain. The ancient Britons followed a Celtic way of life. They produced fine metalwork and enjoyed feasting, music and poetry.



R - When did the people in Britain learn to use iron?
I - How did using iron make life easier?

C - Read the words in bold, discuss using evidence from the text, what these words mean.


LC: to use expanded noun phrases.


In the above text the author has used expanded noun phrases to describe -  iron weapons, warrior kings, 

rival tribes and hill forts.


Now, you try


_____  tools

_____ life

_____ swords

_____ music

_____ food


Choose one of the above and write it in a sentence.

Remember your punctuation.


If you are at home learning you should complete in your blue blended learning book.