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Reading for Pleasure

LC: To demonstrate active reading strategies. 

LC: To select and use software to create a hook

     into a book. 

Hook into a Book introduction.wav

Hook into a Book Model

Still image for this video

Create a hook into your book using iMovie.


Think about the thoughts you had before choosing the book. 


Make it interesting so another child will look out for the book once you have finished reading it.


Upload your completed iMovie onto the Seesaw activity 'Hook into a Book'.  


Blended Learning: 

1. Create a video of a favourite book you have read. Explain why other children would want to read it.


2. Create a film strip for a 'Hook into a Book'. Include what part of the book would be in each part of the film strip and what text you would include too. 


Film Strip

This can be found on Seesaw.