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LC to discuss and write the meaning of the text.

Today we will be reading the section called

'Final battle and death'.


We met the word ‘fled’ yesterday. Can you remember what it means?
Do you need to use the Word hippo to find out it’s meaning?
Fled is the past tense of a word.
Do you know it? 
The present tense of fled is ‘flee’.
Read this sentence containing the word ‘flee’.

The rabbits flee from the hunting owl.
Now you write a sentence, containing the word ‘fled’.


Boudicca and her army thought they could seize Roman food stores when the Romans fled, but Suetonius had made sure that all their food stores were burned.


R - What had happened to the food they had stored?

The food that was stored________________.


I - What does the word 'seize' mean?

The word 'seize' means __________________.


C - Why did the writer use the word 'fled' and not 'ran away'?

The author used 'fled' because____________.