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Today you are going to be exploring the meaning of words within the context of the text. First, you need to remember what a synonym is. A synonym is a different word with the same or similar meaning. For example: wonderful has a similar meaning to the word fabulous.

Step 1

Read the pages below to familiarise yourself with the plot of the next part of the story.

Step 2

Look at the MODEL below. This provides you with two examples. As you can see, there is a sentence with a word highlighted red. I have then re-written this sentence and chose the correct synonym from the box below to replace the original one. The sentence still make perfect sense.


1. The word 'leapt' has been changed to 'jumped' because it has a similar meaning.


2. The word 'yelled' has been changed to 'bellowed' because it has a similar meaning.


First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, re-write the sentences below changing the word highlighted in red with the correct synonym from the purple box below.


1. One word needs replacing.

2. Three words need replacing.

3. One word needs replacing.

When you have finished your work, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW.