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Today we are going to use the story of Alice in Wonderland to summarise some key events that have happened so far. We are going to be using pages 1-11 of the story.

Step 1

First, read pages 1-11 to recap on the story up to this point. It is important that you understand key events Alice has experienced so far to be able to write a short description of them.

Step 2

Below are the key events you are going to be summarising. These events are in the order they take place in in the story from pages 1-11. As you can see, it only tell you ever so briefly of what the event is. Look at each of them carefully and think carefully about which part of the story you read these in.


First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, for your task, you are going to be writing a short description (summary) about each of the events below. Provide the reader with more information about what happened during the events.


Your work should be set out just like below. Leave a line between each event. The events are already in order.

When you have finished your work, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW!