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Today we are going to be developing our close reading strategies. Which means to find an answer to a question, we will need to locate the key information in the text and read around it.

Step 1

Read the text below carefully to remind yourself of the plot and the characters in the story so far. You are going to be using this Alice in Wonderland text to answer your questions.

Step 2

Look at the model questions below. We are now going to answer these questions to help prepare us for our task. The key information needs to be located in order to answer them correctly.


Question 1

First I need to find the part in the where Alice looks at her sisters book. When I locate this information, I will then read around for a key word. The question is only asking me for one word.


Answer: peeped


Question 2

First I need to find the part of the text where the White Rabbit talks. I would look for inverted commas, as I know this tells me that someone is talking. I will then locate what the rabbit said first.


Answer: 'Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!'





First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, answer the questions below using the text above.


Number the questions 1 to 4 as you answer each of them.

When you have completed your work, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW!