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Monday 11th January, 2021

LC:To summarise the main ideas of a text.



What is a summary? 


Summary One 2.wav

Top tips for writing a summary:

It does not need a lot of detail.

It should be written using your own words (which is known as paraphrasing); therefore, sentences should NOT be copied out from the text.

It shares the main points in the order that they are found in the text.

Summary Two 2.wav

Take a look at the model summary for The Snow Queen story that we studied last term.


The Snow Queen captures a boy called Kay and takes him to her frozen palace. Gerda, Kay’s best friend, goes on an adventure in search of her missing friend. She travels to Lapland where the Snow Queen lives. She faces problems along the way when she meets an old lady and the outlaws who try to keep her as a prisoner. However, with the help of a raven, reindeer, wolf and a wise woman, she finds the Snow Queen’s palace, defeats the Snow Queen and saves Kay.  

Summary Three.wav

Your Task

Reread The Little Match Girl story.

Summarise the story. 

Use the model and top tips to help you.


Log onto Seesaw and find the activity 'The Little Match Girl Summary.' Write your summary. Check spellings, punctuation and grammar before handing in your work.