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Tuesday 1st December, 2020

LC: To use inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech.

Look at the two models to see how we can write direct speech using inverted commas and other speech punctuation: 


"I have not met the boy you speak of but I can feel your suffering," he said in a grave voice




Gerda asked, "Have you seen my friend Kay?"


inverted commas    other punctuation

spoken words       who spoke and how



Your Challenge

On the first page of chapter 5, Gerda and her friends are attacked by some forest outlaws.

There is only one piece of direct speech at the bottom of the page.


You are going to write direct speech for this event in the story. 


Things to think about:

Which characters are in this section of the story?

What do you think they would say during this event?

How would they say it? 


1. Read the page below and then you may begin. 2. Use the scaffold frames below to help you if you need them. 

Record your sentences in your exercise book.