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Today we are going to analysing and identifying conventions in different types of writing. I know you might be thinking 'what are conventions?' Well let's find out.

Step 1

First, we need to understand what the word 'Genre' means. Genre is just a fancy word for type of story.


Look at the explanation below and the examples at the bottom of the slide.


I bet you recognise some of these stories!

Step 2

Now, read the information on the slide below.


This will help us understanding what conventions are and how we recognise the genre of a story through its conventions.


Look carefully at the conventions of a fairy tale. If a story includes all these conventions, this would tell us it is a fairy tale.

Step 3

Look carefully at the model below. You are provided with two boxes. Each box describes the conventions of a type of story (genre). 


You have to identify which conventions are describing a Fable.


As you can see the correct answer has been identified. These conventions describe a Fable.


First, write the date and LC. Then, Match the correct genre (type of story) to the conventions.


In other words, which conventions describe a:

Science-Fiction story.

Myths and Legends story.

Action and Adventure story.


Look below to see how your work should be set out in your books.

What it should look like in your book
When you have finished, send a picture of your writing to your teacher on Seesaw!