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Monday 23rd November, 2020

LC: To retrieve information from a text.

Today you are going to retrieve information from a text.

Remember, retrieval questions are the easiest questions to answer. The answers to the questions can be found in the text. 


Here are some reading strategies you can use in order to help you retrieve information:


1. Read through the whole text.

As you read each paragraph, work out the main idea. This will help you to locate the correct paragraph quickly when trying to retrieve information. 


2.  Work out what the question type is asking you to find in the text:

Who - a person/a name

What - information 

When - a time/date/month/year

Where - a place

Why - a reason

How - an explanation


3. Scan for key words in the text that appear in the question. 


Example: How do crocodiles kill their prey?       


I would scan for kill and prey in the text. I would also scan for synonyms and words linked to prey and killing

Some words could be catching, attacking, stalking, deadly. 



Your Challenge:

You are going to answer retrieval questions on the text Volcanoes. 


They will be where, what, how and when questions.


Remember to follow the strategies.



Blended Learning:

Log onto Seesaw and access your activities to find the questions you need to answer on the text volcanoes. 


If you are struggling to access Seesaw, click on the link below to access the questions. You can answer the questions inside your blended learning exercise book. Your teacher will ask to see them on your return.