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R - Why didn't Dad get to finish his sentence when he spoke to Ethan?


I - Ethan's Mum and Dad keep going into his bedroom as he is trying to sleep. Why do they do this? Provide evidence from the text in your answer.


C - What clues are there in the extract that Ethan is becoming frustrated by his parents? Explain your answer fully. 

Thursday 19th November

LC: To identify the theme of a text

When we think about the theme of a text, we need to understand the overall 'gist' of what we are reading. We need to think about and reflect on the 'whole' text - not just parts of the text. It is useful to think about the underlying message.


During this process, we need to make inferences about specific parts of the text, such as a character's actions or the description of a setting. 




What do you think is the theme or underlying message of the short extract below?


Jim looked Albert straight in the eye and whispered, "Are you ready my friend?" The look of terror slid over Albert's face and the usual joyful expression had gone. The two of them had one final embrace before they heard the fateful words from their officer, "Are you ready boys, bayonets fixed!" The whistle from the officer's whistle rang through their ears as they climbed the ladders together. 


In the extract two friends are ready to go 'over of the top' and into battle during World War One. From learning about this in the past, I know that thousands of young young men that did this were killed immediately by enemy gunfire and shell fire. Therefore, I think that these two characters are extremely courageous and brave. 


I also think that the two men are good friends and have hugged in the past. I know this because it says that the men had, 'one final embrace'. This could also suggest that they are are both going to killed during this attack and die together. It also says in the last sentence that they 'climbed the ladders together'. The word together also suggests that they have formed a strong friendship. The repeated pronouns are also a clue for this - they, their. This suggests that they are together.


Theme of extract: courage, bravery and friendship



Below are some examples of other common themes found in books.



Please read the short extract below and identify the underlying message - the THEME. Please ensure that you write the date and LC neatly and underline with a ruler.


You need to provide an answer to your thoughts like I did with the example. Use evidence from the text.

A group of girls began to surround Laura. "What are you wearing on your feet Loser Laura?" one of them whispered in her ear, not wanting to catch the attention of Mr Timms the head teacher. Another shoved her and began to torment her by laughing as she shoved her again. Emma had noticed what was unfolding from the other side of the yard. Without hesitation, she rushed to the group shouting, "Leave her alone you bullies, how dare you!" Fighting her way through, Emma clutched Laura's hand, "Are you okay Laura?" she asked, comfortingly.