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R - What did Mole have to do to get outside?


I - Why do you think Mole was restless?


C - What word has the author used for Mole's nose?

Wednesday 18th November


LC: To share an emotional response with a character


Please read the next part of the story 'Wonder'. You need to read the text carefully and 'put yourself in August's shoes'. This simply means, imagine you are him and think about how you might feel. 


You need to write a short letter to Christopher that explains how you are feeling about starting school in fifth grade. 


You must read the text carefully to get a good idea of how August feels about this. Christopher is August's best friend and he trusts him implicitly. 


You could start your letter:


       Dear Christopher,


             How are you? I haven't seen you for what's felt like ages! I am starting school next week, I'm feeling ...