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Literacy Two

Friday 20th November, 2020

LC: To write an explanation text focusing on commas to mark clauses in cause and effect complex sentences and labelled diagrams.

For your second literacy lesson today, you are going to write the final section of your explanation plan and create a labelled diagram.


This section

- must have commas to mark clauses in cause and

  effect complex sentences

    (A subordinating clause MUST be written BEFORE the main clause to

     mark the clause with a comma.)

    (Look carefully for the subordinating conjunctions to help you identify

     where the comma needs to go.)

You will be starting your final section under your third section from yesterday. After that, you will create your labelled diagram. 

You will need the final section of your explanation plan to help you and the diagram information. 

See mine below.


Look at the models to help you write yours. 


Original text (How are humans able to hear sounds?)

To be heard, sound needs to travel to some ears and a brain. Because sound is all about vibration, humans need to do a bit of vibrating too in order to hear it. Sound waves are collected by your outer ear and travel down your ear canal. After those vibrating air particles hit your ear drum, the ear drum stars to vibrate too. Behind the ear drum are three little bones: the hammer, anvil and stirrup.  When the eardrum vibrates, the hammer hits the anvil and then the anvil hits the stirrup. Subsequently, the stirrup sends those vibrations on to your inner ear. There is a very special part of the inner ear which is known as the Cochlea. It is filled with liquid which flows over lots of tiny little hairs. The little hairs wiggle as a result of the vibrations shaking the liquid. These hairs are the start of something which is known as the auditory nerve. The auditory nerve which is a bit like a wire in a computer sends the information to the brain turning it into the sound we hear.

New text - teacher (How electricity reaches people's homes)


In the substation, the high voltage electricity is lowered to a smaller voltage so that it can be used safely in homes. Once it has been lowered, the power can then be sent on smaller power lines to houses or other buildings. After the power is sent to people’s homes, all they need to do is turn on a switch, or plug something into a socket, in order to have a supply of electricity to their home.

Use the scaffold below to help you write the final section of your explanation. 


You can change the conjunctions to fit in with your explanation. 

Do not forget to mark the subordinating clause in your complex sentence when it appears first. Use the colour coding to remind you.


In the ________, _______________________. 

Once ______________, __________________

After _________,_________________in order _________________________.

Final Challenge- create your labelled diagram to help you explain.


Original text (labelled diagram of the ear)




New text - teacher (labelled diagram of how electricity is transported)



Your text (how electricity works)


Think about what your diagram could help explain. 


Could you create a labelled diagram of a circuit?


Could you create a labelled diagram showing the flow of electricity in a circuit? 

Blended Learning: Log onto Purple Mash and find the 2Do: Explanation Writing. Write your final section under the third section and then save it. Next, create a diagram to help explain your writing. Once you have finished, hand in your work.