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Reading lesson 1

LC : Read at speed allowing focus on understanding.

       Infer the meaning of unknown words from context.

The Weed by Quentin Blake

The world was becoming hard and dry, and more and more difficult to live in; and then one day, without any warning, a deep crack opened in the earth and the Meadowsweet family were at the bottom of it.


All the family were there: Mr and Mrs Meadowsweet, Marco and Lily, and Octavia the mynah bird in her cage.

“What do we do now?” said Octavia.

All mynah birds can talk, but Octavia talked more than most.

“At least Octavia can be set free,” said Lily.

“Perhaps she might get some help,” said Marco. “If there’s anyone up there."


R - Who are the members of the Meadowsweet family?

I - How is Octavia the mynah bird different to other birds?

C - Which phrase suggests that the family are in trouble?



LC: to use sentences with different forms - statements, question, command and exclamation.


Let's start with statements.





Watch the video below to help your understanding.

Let's write a statement together based on what we know so far.


The world is hard and dry.


Well done, you have remember your A and .


The mynah bird is in her cage.




Now your turn. 

Now write 3 statement sentences about what you have read.


If you are learning at home, please complete this in your blue book, then show it to your teacher when you return to school.