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LC: to read words with unusual, infrequent patterns.

       to infer the meaning of unknown words from context.

Over time the leaves changed… and then fell,

until there was no evidence that the Night Gardener had ever been to Grimlock Lane.

But the people of the small town were never the same.

And neither was William.


R- What 'fell' to the ground?

I- What season is it? How do you know?

C- Why has the author used the word 'evidence'? Explain your understanding using the text.



LC: to use apostrophes for singular noun possession.


Remind yourself of yesterday's learning.

You can even watch the bbc clip again.


Here are some sentences but the apostrophes have been left out.  

Re-write them using the appropriate punctuation.


Zacs blue bag was left on the wooden bench.


It was raining so hard that Zains coat was wet through.


This is Sams beautiful cat.


Now write 3 more of your own.


If you are learning from home, please write the sentences in your blue book. Ready to show your teacher when you return to school.

You can now listen to the whole story of The Night Gardener.


Listen to how the reader uses tone and intonation.  Can you do that? 

Give it a go. 

Night Gardener by the Fan Brothers Read Aloud by Read Me A Book