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LC: to read words with unusual, infrequent patterns.

       to infer the meaning of unknown words from context.

As William was about to head home, he spotted someone unfamiliar. 

Could it be?

The gentleman turned to William.

“There are so many trees in this park.  I could use a little help.”

It was the Night Gardener!

Under the light of a full moon, they worked deep into the night.

William awoke to the sound of happy families walking by, and a gift from the Night Gardener.

The whole town had come out to admire the Night Gardener’s – and William’s – hard work.


R- Who was the gentleman?

I- Why did the Night Gardener leave William a gift?

C- Why did the author use the word 'admire'? 


LC: To use apostrophes for singular possession in nouns.


' in nouns such as William's, means belonging to William.

Night Gardener's   - belonging to the Night Gardener.

Zara's skipping rope - skipping rope belonging to Zara.


Watch the video below to deepen your understanding of ' for possession.

You can use William and the Night Gardener as two proper nouns and think of one of your own, maybe your name or a name of a friend. 




Think of something that belongs to them.




Rob has a green pen becomes Rob's green pen.


Now write 3 sentences to show your understanding.


If you are home learning this should be done in your blue book, ready to show your teacher when you return to school.