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LC: to read words with unusual, infrequent patterns.

       to infer the meaning of unknown words from context.





With each new sculpture, the crowds grew and grew.

Something was happening on Grimloch Lane.

Something good.

The next day, William dashed out of his home and followed the crowds, only to find…

The most magnificent masterpiece yet!


Festivities continued long after the sun had set.


R - Where had something happened?

I - Why did the crowds get bigger and bigger?

C - Why has the author used 'magnificent masterpiece' to describe the next sculpture?


LC: to use subordination for time.

when, after, before.


When William saw the new sculptures, he dashed out of his home and followed the crowds.


Before William had seen the new sculptures, he was in his bedroom looking out of the window.


After William saw the growing crowds, he decided to follow them.


Now write your own sentences using when, after and before.

If you are learning from home, write your work in your blue book.