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Let's read the first page of The Snow Queen story before we begin our RIC and main learning. 



Thursday 26th November, 2020

LC: To make a prediction based on information stated or implied.

What is a prediction? 

A prediction is a statement about a future event.

They are often based on what we already know. 

Reread page 8 quickly.

​​​​​​…the Queen laughed with a cruel joy at what would come next. 

What do you think will happen next?


Remember, a prediction is usually made from what we already know. 

Use the 5W's hand to help you work out what we already know. Go back and have a look at page 7 and 8 to refresh your mind.  


Based on what has already happened, make a prediction on what you think will happen next. 

Record the prediction in your exercise book. 


Use language of prediction to help you record it.


I predict that… because…

Due to the fact that…, I predict

Based on…, I predict that…



Once you have made your prediction with evidence, read page 9 of the story below.