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Today our learning challenges are:- 


LC: To discuss how and why Christians might want to talk to God. (LRT) 


LC: To discuss who they can talk to when they are happy/sad/worried. (SPM) 


Look at these images of prayer.
Why do Christians pray and what does it say about their relationship with God? 

What might a Christian want to talk to God about? 

They might want to ask for help, sharing good news, saying sorry and thanking God for all he has done. 


Christians might put their hands together in prayer and close their eyes to focus on God and fee

 close to Him. 

What is Christian Prayer?

Still image for this video

Discussion Time


What is your role in your family? 

As a child, what support do you need to grow and succeed? 

How do you support and care for others in the family? 

Think about who you have to talk to and what type of things do you talk about? Why might it be good to talk to someone - about both good and bad things in a day?

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