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Year 1

Our topic this term is




Year 1 have been learning traditional rhymes. We are now reading non fiction texts and learning how to label pictures and write captions. We will be reading the story 'Rat a tat tat'later this half term.

We will be using video cameras to record ourselves in the role play which is set up as an optician's clinic.



In numeracy we are learning number and place value,  calculation, measurement and geometry.




Sometimes we can choose our own learning in Year 1.

                                                                  Sometimes we can choose our own learning in Year 1. 1


Year 1 are learning about the seasons and the weather that accompanies Summer and the start of Autumn.

We are also having fun learning about ourselves; our bodies and our senses. We have had a visit from two staff members at Specsavers Optician's in Burnley. They brought in glasses and pictures of the eye for us to look at. They also very kindly gave us some balloons and magazines which we were able to take home! 


In geography we are learning about the local area and we will behaving a trip this half term to an area of Burnley called Hurstwood. We will be able to see some physical and human features of the local landscape on our journey and compare those to the features we see in Hurstwood.

Keep a look out here for the photographs from our trip!