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Friday 9th January 2021           9.7.21


LC: to set goals to help achieve personal outcomes.

LC: to recognise positive things about myself.

Sit quietly for a minute, close your eyes and try to clear your mind. 

Now, think of a happy thought…


This could be something you are looking forward to or a happy occasion that you were part of. It might be a thought about a particular person or place that makes you feel happy.

I will read these quotes (below) to you.

With the person sitting next to you, discuss what they might mean. 


Your activity now is to use the words below to think of some positive statements. 

An example might be, "I am a fantastic friend!" or, "I am an amazing reader!"

You can then write these sentences and decorate the bookmark neatly.

It would be great to use these bookmarks next year smiley 


What are aspirations? Have a chat with the person sitting next to you about what this word means.


Why do you think it is good to have aspirations? 




 An aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something. 


What can we do with these aspirations to ensure that we achieve them?

We can set goals and make plans!


Everyone will have different aspirations and goals.

This is because sometimes, what one person may find easy, someone else may find difficult. And what one person may find tricky, someone else may find easy! 

This is good, this makes us unique.


Your teacher will share with you their example of an aspiration and a goal for next year.


Now its your turn!

On your whiteboards, think of something you want to achieve by the end of year 4. Your teacher will listen to your goal, and give you a little piece of paper to write your goal on.

Once you have written your goal, we are going to tie some ribbon around it and place it in our class dream jar! 


Try to make them realistic, something that you know you may be able to achieve.