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Today we are going to be talking about Mental Health. We are going recognise why people might experience Mental Health issues and how these could be resolved.

Step 1

Read the slides below carefully. The information on each slide is very important, as it will help you understand what some people can go through. It will help us understand where the correct help is, if anyone is ever experiencing such problems.

Step 2

Look carefully below. The next 2 slides show us celebrities that have experienced Mental Health problems. The shows that anyone in the world can experience things like this, no matter who you are. 


First watch the video below. This will show you how to make an envelope. We are going to make one.


Then, on a small piece of paper, you are going to write the person or organisation you would go to for help if you were experiencing any of the issues we have discussed today or when you are not feeling yourself and need to talk to somebody.


Finally, you are going to put this into your envelope and seal it. This will be stuck into the PSHCE floor book and it will be there if you ever need to open it. This will be there to remind you of the person you would go to for help or a talk, if you weren't feeling yourself.

Origami Envelope _ DIY Paper Envelope For Kids _ Periwinkle.mp4

Still image for this video
When finished, send a picture of your envelope to your teacher on SEESAW!