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  Today is the 5th November. Do you know why this day is a day people remember?


 It is bonfire night!  Do you know the story of bonfire night and why it happens?

  The reading lesson today will help you understand why people light bonfires and have fireworks on this day.


 Bonfire night can be very exciting but we must make sure that we follow all the safety instructions.


 Go through the following Powerpoint.


 Usually every town has a bonfire and celebrations and this is a good way for the community to be together and watch the fireworks safely. Unfortunately, this year we are not allowed to mix together and these events have had to be cancelled. This might mean that more people have fireworks at home. If we follow the rules and always let a sensible adult light them then we can enjoy the evening.

However some people do not follow the rules and find it fun to be silly with them.

The following picture shows fireworks being thrown in the street. Why is this dangerous? What could happen?

 The following pictures are not very nice as they show some very nasty injuries that have happened to people. They are not nice to look at but they help us understand why it is crucial to follow rules and keep ourselves safe.

 These are awful pictures and really sad. Tragically, things like this happen every year. It doesn't want to be you. So follow the rules and keep safe.


 Complete the 2do on Purple Mash. It is a safety poster. Add as much information as you can. There are 2 sides. Do not write in a very large font.