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Phonics phase 2

First of all practise saying the sounds in the video.

Phase 2

Still image for this video

Today we are thinking about the sound f

Click below and watch video.



Point to each sound button and say the sound out loud.


i f

•     • 




f i t 

 •     •      •




f u n

   •      •       •


                      f i g

                                                                      •     •      •







                      f e d

                                                                     •       •       •








                      f i n

                      •      •       •



Now practice writing the f sound in your blended learning books.




Next let’s read this sentence.

I go back to bed.


Write these words in your Blended Learning book.






Finally practise reading these tricky and high frequency words.

Phase 2

Still image for this video