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Morning work

 Word problems

The cinema has 700 seats – 113 adults and 276 children come to see the film.

How many empty seats are there?

First add the number of adults and the  number of children together.

Then subtract the total number of people in the Cinema from the number of seats. 

Look at the example above. 

Try these questions

Remember to read them carefully

1. Dorothy is saving her money for a new bike costing £286.

If she has already saved £39 and is then given £59 for her birthday, how much more does she need to save?




2. The crisp factory needs to make 875 bags an hour.

If a machine breaks down and the factory only makes 323 bags in one hour, how many does it need to make in the next hour to catch up?





3. Dave earns £1485 a month as a bus driver and his wife earns £1760 as a librarian.

If Dave gets a pay rise of £217 a month, how much less than his wife does he earn?






Dad drives a truck.

Last week he drove 267 kilometres on Monday, 198 on Wednesday.


This week he drove 279 kilometres on Monday and 148 on Tuesday. 


Which week did he drive more miles? (this week or last week?)

What is the difference?








Complete these questions in your yellow maths book or in your red book if you are working at home.