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Commas to mark clauses where the subordinate clause appears first


A complex sentence is made up of a main clause and a subordinate clause. The subordinate clause has a subordinating conjunction that is linked to the sentence.

When a subordinate clause appears first in a sentence, it is marked with a comma.



Since the car journey was very long, Jamal stopped off at the services for a break and a coffee.


Until she was able to write letters neatly, Mary continued with her handwriting practice.  



Your Task

Copy out the below sentences into your books. 

Put a comma in the correct place to mark the subordinate clause. 


After the storm had passed Myra went out to splash in the puddles.


Although he wasn't very good at football Abdul stepped in to be the goalkeeper at the last minute.


While a blizzard was raging outside the den a female polar bear huddled into her cubs.


Before they become threatened with extinction overfishing of sharks and rays need to be stopped.


After, create your own complex sentences where the subordinate clause appears first. Don’t forget to mark them with a comma.